Civ VI – German World Map

This is a map and “brief history” of a game I played as Germany on the turn that I won a science victory.

German map of the world

A Brief History of the German People

The German homeland is the land of many rivers, bounded by the Westwand Mountains in the west, the Ostwand Mountains in the east, the Dark Sea to the north, and what would come to be known as the Zorn Mountains to the south. This fertile valley is the heart of the Germany. Very early in their history, the German people were crowded on all sides. Despite the potential for border conflict, France remained a steadfast friend for many years, but Persia expanded rapidly, founding the city of Niederariyacica (its original name was stricken from German records) within several days ride of the German capital.

The Germans could not answer this provocation at the time, however, as the Macedonians to the south were marching towards Neuenlichtenrode, founding Alexandroupoli right across the river. This represented an imminent threat, so the Germans went to war, conquering the city and renaming it Grossalexandroupoli, defending it against fierce counterattacks. With the southern border secured and peace agreed to, further settlements were founded at Muschelnheim, Trankstadt, and Kronrebemarkt.

Meanwhile, the garrison at Seideburg watched the Scythian hordes to the east, and strengthened their fortifications when an army of Aztec warriors brought the horse archers low, renaming the Scythian capital Tototal to celebrate their victory.

Hundreds of years of uneasy peace followed for the German people, ever watchful of the expanding Macedonian empire beyond the mountains. To counter this threat an alliance was formed with the city state of Carthage to the south, an alliance that would stand for the next several thousand years as Carthage pledged eternal fealty to the German king.

Eventually, around AD 1000, the Macedonians attacked, although their armies easily broke against hundreds of years of fortifications in the hills around Grossalexandroupoli. It was time to end this threat, and so the Unification War began in earnest. Birrhoxdasos Siedlung and Alexandrouebene rapidly fell, and the capital city of Ankalisbuhl was put to siege. Carthage sent a vast army to besiege Evdo Alexandria, stumbling upon the legendary city of Petra while doing so. Within a few short years, both cities fell to the alliance, and the German king in his munificence allowed the surviving Macedonians to flee across the Alexandros Sea to a small settlement they had formed there.

Within a few decades, the world turned against the technological and commercial domination of Germany, and a series of wars were fought – but the German people were merciful, only taking enough to teach their enemies to fear the German armies and to provide greater protection for the German heartland. In these wars, the Persians ceded Niederariyacica and the Aztecs ceded Tototal.

Following these wars, an unprecedented era of exploration and prosperity dawned, as Germans circumnavigated the glob, made new allies of Zanzibar, Muscat, Hattusa, Palenque, and Vilnius, providing a network of bases around the globe. Colonies were founded on the Nordinseln and Weitinsel islands, providing resources and military access to every corner of the globe. The German military was relegated to keeping the peace around the world, fighting a series of peacekeeping operations around the Salty Sea.

German culture and science flourished, allowing the German people to establish a colony on Mars in 1969, less than 70 years after launching their first satellite.

Map Information

Game Seed: -1716789591
Map Seed: -1716789590
Map Type: Fractal
World Age: New
Sea Level: Low
All other settings Standard

Played with the City Name Generator mod, which creates your city name based on nearby terrain, districts, or changes the name upon conquering the city. Highly recommended!