Installing Call to Power 1 on Windows 10 64-bit

After much trial and effort and lots of googling, I finally got my copy of Call to Power 1 to work on my 64-bit copy of Windows 10. I’d thought I’d share what steps I took to give others assistance as I never found a good step-by-step guide anywhere.

Note: I’m proficient with Google, not with coding. This involved a bunch of trial and error; I would test the game after each step. Some of these steps may not have been strictly necessary, but I’ll include them anyways because now I have a working game so I see no reason to do further troubleshooting.

1. Install the game as normal

2. Download and install the official 1.2 patch (you will need to run as administrator in order to install properly)

3. Download and install the unofficial 1.21 patch (again, run as administrator)

4. Right click civctp.exe and go the “Compatibility” tab. Run in Windows 98/ME compatibility mode and check “Run as Administrator”.

– When running in Windows XP compatibility mode I could start new games, but it would crash after a few turns. You could give it a go though, it might work for you.

5. Now to get those videos working (these steps came from here):

– Open Command Prompt (run as administrator)

type: cd C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (32bit users can skip this step) - press enter
type: regsvr32 ir50_32.dll - press enter

to undo what you have done, type: regsvr32 /u ir50_32.dll
there is an error during unregistration, but it does remove it from being active

– Install the Combined Community Codec…toggle “Reset all codecs” at the end of the install and restart your computer

6. If the game still doesn’t run, remove all the videos from ctp_data\default\videos and back them up elsewhere

7. Once in the game, select Game Options and disable wonder movies. I also recommend enabling autosaves.

Finally, because CtP requires a disk to play, I made an ISO image to save my copy from wear and tear. I used InfraRecorder, which is free, lightweight, and doesn’t come with any crap. Windows 10 will mount ISOs natively, or you can download Daemon Tools Lite.

I originally posted this on Civfanatics on July 21, 2016.