thecrazyscotsman’s Civilization VI mods

civilizations and city-states

All of my currently supported Civilization VI mods have been added to the website. This includes my civilizations, city-states, and various utility mods and components:

  • The Kingdom of Jerusalem
  • Pyu City-States
  • Canaanite City-State Pack 1
  • Canaanite City-State Pack 2
  • Sri Lankan City-States
  • South American City-States
  • Free Walls for City-States
  • TCS Improved Forts & Engineers
  • TCS Improved Water Yields
  • More Barbarian XP
  • Naval Raiders Ignore Borders
  • Production Per Population
  • Remove Preferred Agendas

More mods will be added as they are completed. They can be accessed under the Mods menu.