The Complete Sorcery! Spellbook

The Sorcery! series by inkle Studios are some of the best mobile games on the market. This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive reference for the spell system in the games. It may prove especially useful to those who lost their Spellbook in one of the games (yes, it is possible).


This is a complete, alphabetized list of the spells present in the Spellbook. The “Counter” column refers to a new gameplay element introduced in Sorcery! 3, so has no bearing on the previous installments.

BIG 1 When this spell is cast on the caster’s own body, it will inflate the body to three times normal size. This increases the power of the caster and is especially useful against large opponents, but must be used with caution in confined spaces!
dIM 1 A good defensive spell, this can be cast at any attacking creature, to muddle its mind. However, it must be handled with caution, as a deranged creature may act unpredictably. KID
dOC 1 Medicinal Potion Medicinal potions will, while this spell is active, heal any creature who drinks them. The potions may be used by the caster but will not bring a being that has actually died back to life.  HOT
DOP 1 This spell may be used to open any locked door. Casting the spell works directly on the lock tumblers and the door may be opened freely. If the door is bolted from the inside, the bolts will be undone. The spell will not work on doors sealed by magic.
DOZ 1 This spell may be cast upon any creature, reducing its movements and reactions to about a sixth of its normal speed. Thus the creature appears to move as in a dream sequence, making it much easier to evade or defeat.
DUD 1 By casting this spell, the caster can create an illusion of treasure. Gold pieces, silver coins, gems and jewels can be created at will and used to distract, pay, or bribe creatures. Illusionary riches will disappear as soon as the caster is out of sight.
dUM 3 When cast at a creature holding an object, such as a weapon, this spell will make the creature clumsy and uncoordinated. It will drop the object, fumble to pick it up, and drop it again.
fAL 1 This spell is useful if the caster is caught in a pit trap or falls from a considerable height. When cast, it makes the caster’s body as light as a feather. The caster will float down through the air and land gently on the ground.  ROK
fAR Crystal Orb This spell will enable its caster to see a little way into the future. The Orb must be held in the hands, and very little control can be exercised on exactly what will be seen.
fIX Staff of Oak Sapling Applicable to both animate and inanimate objects, this spell has the effect of holding an opponent or object in one place, even in mid-air, until the caster leaves the vicinity.
FOF 3 This powerful spell creates a physical barrier in front of the caster which is capable of keeping out all intruders. The resulting force-field is both extremely strong and flexible.  mUD
FOG 1 This spell may only be cast in a closed room with no windows. Once cast, the room turns pitch black in the eyes of all but the caster, even though torches and candles may still be burning. Therefore, nearby creatures will be temporarily blinded.  SUN
gAK Black Facemask Casting this spell while wearing a Black Facemask will create a terrible fear within another’s mind. Brave creatures will suffer a cold sweat, while cowardly ones will be reduced to cowering jelly.
GOB Goblin’s Tooth This creation spell requires any number of teeth of Goblins. The spell may be cast onto these teeth to create one, two, or an army of Goblins, who may be commanded to fight an enemy or perform any other duties.
gOD Jewel of Gold When this spell is cast any creatures or humans nearby will take an immediate liking to the caster, and will offer aid and information. This illusion spell can only be performed if the caster is wearing a Jewel of Gold.
gUm Vial of Glue Casting this spell on a vial of glue will cause the glue to become super-sticky: sufficient to stick creatures to the floor or to walls, by throwing the vial at a creature’s fee, or by resting it on top of a door so that it falls when the door is opened.  ZIp
HOT 3 The spell creates a fireball, which can be thrown by the caster towards a target. The fireball will cause severe burns on impact, but will then quickly extinguish. dOC
HOW 1 This spell is to be used in perilous situations when information about the safest way of escape is desired. The caster will receive a psychic inclination towards one exit, or a means of defence if one is present.
HUF Galehorn This spell is cast on a Galehorn, a trumpet-like instrument with a discordant note, causing the Horn to create a tremendous wind. The wind is capable of blowing over a man-sized creatures, but can also blow things off shelves, over ledges, and the like.  NIF
JIG Bamboo Flute When cast, the recipient will get an uncontrollable urge to dance. The caster can make any creature dance merry jigs by playing a small bamboo flute, thereby exhausting a creature or providing time to escape.
KID Bracelet of Bone When wearing a Bracelet of Bone, the caster of this spell can concentrate on a particular illusion, and this illusion will become real to others. However, affected creatures must be intelligent, and the caster must not act counter to the illusion! dIm
KIN Gold-Backed Mirror In battle, a Gold-Backed Mirror must be pointed at a creature when this spell is cast. An exact replica of the enemy will then be created under the caster’s control. However, should either creature die, both will disappear.
LAW 3 Casting this spell at a non-intelligent attacking creature allows the caster to take control of the attacker’s will for a short time. The attack will cease and the creature will immediately come under the control of the caster.
mAG 1 This spell protects its caster from most magic. It must be cast quickly, and works by neutralizing the attacking spell. This spell is thus a very powerful protective weapon.
mUD Sand While casting, the caster must sprinkle grains of sand onto the floor, to create a pool of quicksand. Any creature stepping into the quicksand will slowly be sucked away. FOF
NAp Brass Pendulum Effective only against living creatures, this spell causes them to quickly to fall asleep.
NIF Nose Plugs This spell causes the air to fill with a nauseating stench so vile that any creature catching a whiff will need to vomit. This includes the caster, unless they are wearing Nose Plugs. The effect is more pronounced on creatures with large noses.  HUF
NIP Yellow Powder The caster must cast this spell on his or her own body. The caster will then become exceedingly quick and may run, speak, think or fight at three times normal speed. However, this spell requires the caster to sniff Yellow powder before casting.
PEP Fire Water A potion of fire water taken while casting this spell, will give the caster double or triple their normal strength. The effects are temporary, but usually last long enough to aid in battle or enable some feat of super-strength.
POp Pebble A potent little spell, but one which calls for great mental concentration. This spell must be cast on small pebbles, which will then explode when thrown. These explosions produce great force as well as a loud bang.
RAp Green Haired Wig The spell will allow the caster to understand the language of, and communicate with, creatures speaking a non-human tongue.
RAZ Beeswax To perform this spell, beeswax is required. By rubbing the wax on any bladed weapon and casting this spell, the blade will become razor sharp and do at least double its normal damage.
RES Holy Water When cast upon a dead humanoid sprinkled with Holy Water, will bring that corpse back to life. Resurrection takes some time and will leave the creature dull and dozy, though it may still answer questions. An ex-corpse can be killed again as normal.
ROK Stone Dust Special stone dust must be thrown at a creature as this spell is being cast. Within seconds, the intended victim will petrify quickly becoming a grey stone statue.  fAL
SAP 1 The effect of this spell, which is only useful in combat, is to demoralize an opponent so that his will to win is lost. Any creature so demoralized will be easier to defeat.
SIX 1 This spell is cast onto the caster’s own body and creates multiple images of the caster, all capable of casting spells and attacking. Each will perform identical actions and most creatures will be unable to tell which is the real figure.
SUN Sun Jewel Once cast, the jewel will glow, either brilliantly, to dazzle attacking creatures, or just light enough to act as a torch.  FOG
SUS 1 This spell may be cast when the caster suspects a trap, and it will indicate telepathically to the caster the danger and the best protective action. If already trapped, this spell may be used to minimize the effects in certain cases.
TEL Skullcap To activate this spell, the caster must wear a cloth skullcap. The user may then read the mind of any intelligent creature nearby, learning its weaknesses, the contents of nearby rooms, and other such details.  YAZ
WAL 3 The casting of this spell creates an invisible wall in front of the caster. This wall is impervious to all missiles, creatures or other material objects. Hence, it is a very useful defensive spell.
WOK 1 Gold Piece This spell requires a gold coin, which is placed on the caster’s wrist. When the spell is cast, it will transform into an invisible metal shield, but the coin will be lost.
YAP Green Haired Wig This spell allows the caster to understand the languages of, and communicate with, most animals. It will be ineffective unless the caster is wearing a Green Haired Wig.
YAZ Pearl Ring Will render the caster invisible to any reasonably intelligent creature. Less intelligent creatures will only be partially convinced, and creatures with ears will still be able to hear the caster when they move.  TEL
YOB Giant’s Tooth Casting this spell requires the tooth of a Giant, and when cast, will summon a new Giant whom the caster may control. The Giant will then disappear when his duty is done.
ZAP 3 An extremely powerful weapon, this spell creates a blast of lightning which shoots from the caster’s hand. It is effective against virtually all living creatures without a magical defence, but it takes great concentration to use.
ZED 7 This is the most formidable spell in lore, but no one knows why. In all recorded history this spell has been cast only once, by a powerful necromancer from Throben who was never seen again. Its effects are unknown. The necromancer’s notes were found, but were crazed and unclear. Treat with extreme caution.
ZEN Jewel-Studded Medallion Casting the spell will then allow the caster to float in the air. A magician may hover for as long as desired and may float around at will.
ZIp Green Ring This spell enables the caster to teleport a short distance. Transportation can occur through soft materials such as wood and clay, but not through stone or metal. This spell requires a Ring of Green Metal from Craggen Rock, but is somewhat unreliable and can have disastrous results!  gUm


Additional Spells

In addition to the Spellbook, there are other, secret spells that can be discovered and used throughout the games. Usually, these secret spells can only be used in a specific spot, but there are a few exceptions. Some of the additional spells must be learned before you can use them – they will be added to your Spellbook once you have completed certain encounters.

Keep in mind that some of these spells do not have any practical use.

LAK Sorcery! 2, Courga’s Temple Creates a torrent of rain.
LUK Sorcery! 2, Courga’s Temple; Sorcery! 3, Centaur encounter Increases your luck with additional choices.
PUR Sorcery! 2, Courga’s Temple Causes all the cats around the city to meow for a while.
SSS Serpent Ring Sorcery! 3, Seven Serpent encounters Forces any of the Seven Serpents to answer three questions truthfully. Can be learned in Sorcery! 3.
TAK Sorcery! 2, Courga’s Temple Gain an item:

  • [Wait twice]: The spell fades.
  • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the green sparks]: Obtain Green Haired Wig.
  • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the black sparks]: Obtain Black Facemask.
  • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the gold sparks]: Obtain Gold-Backed Mirror or Sun Jewel.
  • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the white sparks]: Obtain Bracelet of Bone.
  • [Close my fist] –> [Just grab]: Obtain a random item.
TAR Sorcery! 2, Courga’s Temple Coats your body with a hard shell that fades away, leaving you healed.
TOP Strand of Golden Hair Sorcery! 1, Daddu-Ley Caves Allows you to return to the cliff top.
TUF Sorcery! 3, Stone Circle Monument Allows you to gain +1 maximum stamina when used in Sorcery! 3 at a particular spot.
TUK Sorcery! 2, Courga’s Temple Regain 3 stamina and satisfy your hunger.
ZOB Rock Demon Tooth Sorcery! 3 Using this spell summons a Rock Demon, and requires one Rock Demon tooth for each one summoned. Can be learned in Sorcery! 3.


This guide will continue to be updated as new spells are discovered.


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Developer: inkle Studios | Platforms: Android, iOS

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