Torchlight II: Robot Parts Sidequest

Robot Parts is an optional sidequest in Torchlight II that is unlocked as soon as you find the first of five robotic parts. The quest spans all acts in the game, and the pieces can be found in order, or if you skip one you can come back to a previously cleared act (by speaking to the relevant NPC in each town) and find missed pieces.

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Finding the Parts

All the parts are located in secret areas inside of dungeons. You will need to complete an action to open each secret room.

Act 1

Robotic Drum

Found in Widow’s Veil, a dungeon in Crows’ Pass. In order to open the secret room you have to light all the braziers. The room can then be found near the portal to the surface or back along the middle path through the dungeon.

Act 2

Robotic Arm

Found in the Tower of the Moon, a dungeon in the Ossean Wastes. Hit all of the brass gongs located on the walls of the room to open the door near the rear of the dungeon.

Robotic Pipes

Found in the Brood Hives, which is located in the Swarm Point area of the Salt Barrens. Destroy all the roach eggs to reveal the secret area.


Act 3

Robotic Body

Found in the Abandoned Sawmill, which is found in the Blightbogs. Unpin the four skeletons found on the walls and trees. Skeleton 1 is found near the Day One journal, Skeleton 2 on the path to the docks, Skeleton 3 on one of the houses near the middle of town, and Skeleton 4 on the path out of town. The gate near the Day Four journal will then open, and the Robotic Body is found within.

Robotic Head

Found in Cacklespit’s Realm, a dungeon in the Sundered Battlefield. In order to open Cacklespit’s Realm, you need to complete a chain of sidequests, starting with Cacklespit’s Brew.

  1. Cacklespit’s Brew is started by finding a bell in the Rot Gardens area of the Blightbogs. You will need to hang the bell on a post, which is on an elevated platform randomly located somewhere in the Blightbogs. After hanging the bell and speaking with Cacklespit to complete the quest, you will need to return to the Imperial Camp to start the next quest.
  2. Once in the Imperial Camp, speak to Widget, one of the raccoons, to start Fade’s Passage. You will need to go to the far western side of the Sundered Battlefield, where Fade will appear after you activate two altars on a hill. After speaking to Fade and completing the quest, he will give you another quest, Cacklespit’s Realm.
  3. Cacklespit’s Realm tasks you with finding four skulls located in graves around the Sundered Battlefield. By this point you’ve probably cleared the battlefield, so gathering them should be fairly easy. On one of the graves you will go through a portal to a survival challenge. Once you collect all four skulls, take them back to Fade, who will provide you transportation to Cacklespit’s Realm.
  4. Once there, you need to destroy all six tree trunks to open the secret path, which is located on one of the islands (the exact one varies). Be warned that once you teleport to the boss island to fight Cacklespit, you will not be able to get back to the other islands without going back to Fade.

Completing the Quest

Once you’ve gathered all the parts, you need to wait until you’ve opened the passage to The Broken Mines in the main quest line. Speak to Professor Stoker in the Imperial Camp, and he will assemble Trill-Bot 4000 (a character from the original Torchlight) from the parts and the quest will be completed.

Trill-Bot 4000 will then give you a quest called the Three Sisters, which is located in the Sundered Battlefield.


Upon completion of Robot Parts you will receive standard quest rewards in addition to unlocking the achievement The Band Played On.

For completing the Three Sisters, Trill-Bot 4000 will give you a class-specific unique item and 590,000 experience (and even more on New Game+).

Additionally, in the course of completing the quest you will get at least one unique socketable and unlock three more achievements.

Torchlight II

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