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My Omnibus Mod brings together my building packs as well as new units, luxuries, promotions and dozens of updates and quality-of-life improvements aimed at complementing and improving the core gameplay in every era.


  • 50+ new buildings, 40+ updated buildings
  • New buildings to provide every strategic resource
  • 9 new unique policy luxuries, 3 new city-state luxuries
  • 10+ new units, 10+ new promotions
  • New mercenary units in every era (except Ancient)
  • New light infantry upgrade path for Scouts
  • Modern vehicles now require oil
  • New technology (Fishing)
  • Policy updates
  • New Culture panel
  • Warmonger penalties are less severe
  • …and more!

View the Readme for the full list of changes.


Brave New World and Gods & Kings are required. Also known to be incompatible with the following mods:

More Luxuries by Barathor
More City-States Luxuries by CapitãoRolinho
More Mercantile Mod by sukritact
Reform and Rule by Machiavelli
Tiny Death Robots by salec
MGS Outer Heaven Civilization by Vice Virtuoso
Any of my individual building packs
Any mod which changes CulturePanel.lua

This list is not all-inclusive and there may be other incompatible mods I am unaware of.


If you prefer to play with mods which conflict with the Omnibus mod, I am gradually making several individual components available for download to allow you to mix and match mods for maximum compatibility.

Modern-Units Modern Units Component | Download | On Steam
This component only includes the late game unit additions and changes. It does not include the Mercenary or Light Infantry components, nor does it include any buildings, policy changes, or new resources. View the Steam link for the full list of changes.


More Luxuries
Natural Wonder Fixes
Galley for Civs
Faster Aircraft Animations
More City-States Luxuries
More Mercantile
Dynamic Culture Overview
Tiny Death Robots
-Icon artwork
Helicopters Can Fly Over Water
Less Warmonger Hate [BNW]
bernie14, danrell, Civitar, JTitan, Ekmek, zwei833
-New unit models
whoward, Moriboe
-Coding help and snippets