Civilization VI: Components

This page collects my various components into one place. There are major and minor components, corresponding to the level of complexity involved. Some of the minor components will no longer receive updates (and frankly, don’t need them given how simple they are…there is little likelihood of future incompatibility).

All components can be downloaded here.

Major Components

These components have been released on Steam (click the image to go to the Workshop page).

Improved Forts and Engineers Enhances the utility of defensive improvements (Fort, Roman Fort, Great Wall, and Alcazar) and Military Engineers.

Defensive Improvements

  • +4 Strength
  • 2 free levels of fortification
  • +1 Sight
  • +5 Healing
  • Can see Hidden units

Military Engineers

  • 4 charges
  • Reduced cost


  • +6 Strength
  • 2 free levels of fortification
  • Military Engineers gain 2 extra charges


  • Great Walls can now be built on Forests and Flood Plains
Improved Water Yields

Harbor Adjacency Bonus

  • +2 food and +1 gold for adjacent City Center.
  • +1 food and +1 gold per adjacent sea resource

Harbor Buildings

  • Lighthouse: +1 food to all sea resources
  • Shipyard: production equal to Harbor Gold adjacency bonus, +1 gold to coast and ocean tiles
  • Seaport: +1 food to coast and ocean tiles, +1 production to all sea resources

These changes replace all prior building yields.

Other Changes

  • Harbor Specialists: provide +1 food, +1 gold, and +1 production
  • Naval Infrastructure and Economic Union policies increase both the Harbor food and gold adjacency bonuses by 100%
  • Cartography now increases Fishing Boat gold by +1 instead of +2

Minor Components

These components have not been released on Steam and there are no plans to do so.

More Barbarian XP Barbarians provide normal experience for longer.
Naval Raiders Ignore Borders Naval Raider class units (Privateers, Submarines) can enter opponents’ borders without an Open Borders treaty.
Production Per Population Each citizen provides 0.5 production.
Remove Preferred Agendas Removes preferred random agendas.