Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manually install mods?

Civilization V


  1. Click on the icon or picture to download the .civ5mod file.
  2. Copy or move the .civ5mod file to your Civilization V mod folder, which is usually located here:     C:\Users\{username}\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\Mods
  3. Open Civilization V and go to the Mod Browser screen, which will automatically unpack and install the .civ5mod file.
  4. Select the mods you want to play with, then click Next to setup the game and play!


After downloading the .civ5mod file, follow the instructions on this page.

How do I troubleshoot problems with mods?

Civilization V

  1. The most important thing to do is to first enable logging. This will allow you to check for why you’re experiencing a problem.
  2. Review the Common Checklist for playing mods. This will resolve most mod issues.
  3. If you’re still experiencing a problem, post on the mod’s specific page (accessible via my Workshop page).